2017 TRID Final Rule Update

Are you looking for a compliance solution that addresses changes within the 2017 TRID final rule? Look no further! Join Jerod Moyer of Banker’s Compliance Consulting for a two-hour 2017 TRID Final Rule Update webinar. The following are just a few of the areas where there will be changes. Partner with us as we guide you through each of the areas of change in plain English so you can do what you do best, serving your customers!

Covered Topics:

  • Effective Date vs. Mandatory Compliance Date
  • Good Faith
  • Revised Disclosures
  • Construction Loan Provisions (there are many!)
  • Escrow Closing & Partial Payment Notices
  • TRID and Trusts
  • Simultaneous Subordinate Lien Loans
  • Total Payment Tolerances
  • Calculating Cash to Close
  • Provider List Changes
  • And Much, Much, More!

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is designed for consumer real estate loan officers, loan processors, and compliance and audit personnel.

Note: For this webinar, all questions submitted before or during the webinar will be answered during the live webinar, even if the time required exceeds two hours. If you register for any of our options (Live, OnDemand, CD) and would like to pre-submit questions before the live webinar date, please email those to info@ttstrain.com. When planning for the webinar, please allow extra time at the end if you wish to hear the Q&A. We regret that questions cannot be answered after the live webinar.