SAR Decision Making

To file or not to file? That is the question. In this program we will talk about moving from a Red Flag to a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR). What are the reasons we are asked to file a SAR, what dollar amounts, what ranges of activity and many more tricky issues of running the SAR portion of the BSA.

Covered Topics:

  • What is a red flag?
  • Where can red flags come from?
  • What crimes and circumstances would cause us to file a SAR?
  • Completing the SAR
  • Understanding how to write a narrative
  • Model validation and its role in the automated process
  • Managing red flags when you are not automated
  • Centralization of SAR filing
  • Your SAR Committee
  • Your SAR Swat team
  • NY 504 Rule and what it means for NY and the rest of us

Who Should Attend?

BSA Officers and Staff, Security and Compliance areas of the financial institution.