Headache Remedies for Supervisors

Has your doctor ever asked you “what is your pain level like?” That is exactly what our presenter will ask you when you tune in for this webinar!

Pain associated with challenging and disruptive employees is caused by a multitude of behaviors that need to be addressed. Like many others, you likely aren’t sure exactly how to do that.

Help is here. Honey Shelton, highly experienced trainer/coach has been teaching supervisors a proven, theory-based method to manage difficult conversations for many years. Based on the legendary work of Dr. William Glasser, Honey will teach you that, when you lead yourself and others, you bear the responsibility for remembering that we each bear personal responsibility for the choices we make. No matter the circumstance, we have the power to affect change in our lives. Imagine the impact on your work team if each member of the team knew and practiced this approach!

Learn how to encourage Personal Accountability with your staff by addressing chronic behaviors that work against the culture and work environment you want to have in place. 

Covered Topics

Learn how to address pain-inducing employee situations like these:

  • Chronically Tardy - You find yourself frustrated because despite you addressing this issue with your employee, they just can’t seem to get what “on time” means. 
  • Indifferent/No Energy - You’ve nudged this employee several times to show some initiative and appear receptive when dealing with others, but nothing has budged them from a state of indifference. Your employee seems morose a lot of the time, not a team player, little or no enthusiasm, not rude per se, but not friendly either. 
  • I’m Not Paid Enough - What do you do with the outspoken employee that doesn’t hesitate to speak up often and loudly the belief that they’re not paid enough? They may be good at their job, but never hesitate to complain and vocalize dislikes. This employee crusades for their causes and has stepped over the line more than once speaking their mind.
  • Inflexible, Slow to No Change - What about the over-empowered employee that tells you what they will or won’t do? What about the employee that “takes early retirement” meaning that they still come to work but are a total slacker?

Who Should Attend?

Everyone that leads or manages others and those that train those groups.