Taking Training from Classroom to Virtual

This 90-minute webinar will provide you with a roadmap on how you can effectively switch from a traditional classroom to a virtual training environment. Honey Shelton, one of the nation’s most relatable instructors, has years of expertise in delivering engaging training, both on- and offline. Like no other, she knows which techniques work best to engage your remote audience. Honey will share how you can answer the call to transition critical training topics to virtual experience. Don’t forfeit your responsibility to keep your staff educated about the skills and knowledge required on the job in this challenging time.

Even without a pandemic, converting classroom training to virtual training is a growing trend. All trainers want and need to develop expertise in this field. But how do you train virtually without disconnecting from your audience? The reality is that webinar attendees are less than attentive. The statistics are a shocking reality:

  • 35% of attendees go to the bathroom during a webinar.
  • 65% of attendees work on other projects during a webinar.
  • 67% of attendees mute the conference call to have other conversations.
  • 81% of attendees regularly check their email during webinars.

Undoubtedly you can see that the risk of attendees not learning is sky-high.

Tune in and see how you can successfully tackle this monumental challenge and what you can do to make virtual training effective and raise both the quality and expectations of virtual learning.

Covered Topics

  • Engage the learner and the supervisor before and after the event.
  • Set standards and expectations for the learner's participation.
  • Enlist a Champion to endorse and validate expectations of learners and supervisors.
  • Practice incorporating feedback tools, pre-work, post testing.
  • Bonus topic: Hot tips about working remotely while designing and delivering training.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone responsible for designing and delivering training. Supervisors and managers that expect their staff to engage effectively with virtual training opportunities will benefit from attending this dynamic and timely webinar.

"Honey is an excellent trainer. This was one of the best virtual classes I have attended. It was not only visually pleasing and interactive with questions and polls, but Honey was so good at keeping us interested in what she was going to say next. I will definitely take other classes offered by her and this company again!" - Melissa C., Meriwest

"Now more than ever, providing interactive and impactful virtual training is a top priority for many companies. In Taking Training from Classroom to Virtual, Honey Shelton shared and demonstrated numerous tools and best practices to successfully create learning in a virtual environment. I took 6+ pages of notes and can't wait to implement the ideas Honey shared!" - Amber T., Adams Bank & Trust