The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: Then and Now

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a consumer protection statute enacted in 1977 to make it illegal for a debt collector to use unfair, deceptive and/or abusive tactics while attempting to collect a debt. While the FDCPA generally does not apply to a financial institution attempting to collect its own debts, adherence to its requirements is considered a best practice.

Join Regulatory Compliance Counsel Michael Christians for this informative 90-minute session on the FDCPA, then and now.

Covered Topics

  • The scope and coverage of the act
  • Guidelines for communicating with the debtor
  • Guidelines for communicating with third parties
  • Avoiding false and/or misleading representations in debt collection
  • Debt collection activities considered to be unfair and/or abusive
  • Proposed changes to the FDCPA

Who Should Attend?

Any person actively involved in the collection of debts owed to a financial institution would benefit from the information covered during this session.