Weekly Compliance Updates for Uncertain Times - June - Four Part Series

Congress and the regulatory agencies continue to be ultra-active in providing new rules and guidance to the banking industry during this unprecedented time. Every week we see more and more information that provides flexibility and existing regulatory requirements, as well as new information to act upon. This weekly series is intended to keep you up to date with all that is happening. Each Friday we’ll have a short (30 minutes or so) update with what is new, as well as insight into how existing programs and guidance is being greeted by the industry, as well as enforced by the agencies. We all need to know how to react as we settle into this “new normal,” whatever that looks like. But it’s clear the banking industry will never be the same.

We cover the very wide world of agencies and government units taking action that impacts the risk and compliance areas of the financial services industry, including not only Congress and the provincial regulators (OCC, Fed, FDIC, and NCUA), but also the CFPB, Treasury, SBA, HUD, VA, and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but also the IRS, OSHA, and the US Department of Health and Human Services, among others. Our goal is a one-stop shopping experience where you get all the relevant information you need to stay current in this fast-changing environment.

As always, multiple links to regulatory issuances will be provided to keep you current and save you from having to surf around for all the latest guidance. Q&A opportunities will also be provided so you can get your questions answered when you need them.

Covered Topics

Schedule tentative and subject to change based on weekly events (regulatory, economic, etc.).

  • Continued implementation and interpretation of CARES Act provisions
  • Any further Congressional activity – further stimulus?
  • Payroll Protection Program, or PPP, rules, guidance, and required actions: how will this program mature? Will it be renewed or extended?
  • Loan forbearance and debt restructuring issues, especially as applied to mortgage loans
  • Credit reporting – both credit bureau responsibilities, as well as for furnishers of data
  • Additional issues in mortgage – federal programs, Fannie/Freddie, and regulatory expectations and allowances, plus servicing
  • Loan modifications, complaints and disputes, and remote banking – keeping up
  • E-SIGN, UETA, and RON – lending in a remote and electronic age
  • What about exams and examiners?
  • BSA implications – from FinCEN and FATF
  • CFPB and consumer protection – actions the Bureau has taken and will take to provide flexibility and serve your customers
  • CRA and HMDA implications
  • Banking stimulus payments
  • Employment and tax implications

Who Should Attend?

There are few groups in any institution that wouldn’t get something of use out of these sessions, but certainly risk and compliance professionals, auditors, lending personnel of all sorts, management, legal staff, customer service groups, and back office personnel, among others, would gain great benefit from these sessions.