COVID-19: Current Employee Management Challenges and Options

Regrettably, after five months, we are continuing to experience Coronavirus pressures and uncertainties. We appear to be entering a new phase in terms of employee management and employment compliance. Many employees have exhausted their paid leave benefits under the Emergency Paid Sick Leave and/or the Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act. We have a wide range of approaches and uncertainties when it comes to schools and childcare facilities opening for the fall. We have an uptick in infections in many parts of the country. We are also seeing pressures in terms of employees feeling uncomfortable with their normal work given community spread or specific contact with individuals who have contracted the virus.

This session will also include a question and answer session, to address individualized fact patterns.


  • Mandated testing for employees, applicants, and returning to work individuals
  • Mandated employee isolation
  • Compensation upon exhaustion of legally mandated paid leave benefits
  • School or childcare schedules and the impact on employee availability
  • ADA accommodation obligations to individuals with specific vulnerabilities
  • Addressing employees taking precautions not specifically mandated by authorities
  • Anticipated new federally subsidized compensation and benefits

Who Should Attend?

This session is intended to address employment compliance issues and best practices in connection with the challenges financial institutions are experiencing and will likely continue to experience well into the fall.