Serve Well, Sell Right at the Branch

Elevating sales and service results at the branch

The leader at the branch is responsible for shining the brand and seeking new opportunities for growth. But what a challenge. Mature markets see branches struggling to attract new business. Growth markets are flooded with branch banks and the competition is fierce from other competing industries. Everyone wants in the act – insurance companies, brokers, credit unions – but what financial institution is the cornerstone of the communities it serves? That’s right the community bank.

Leading the branch calls for obtaining buy-in from the staff, hustling new business and hanging on to what you have. One key to surviving in today’s banking world is a successful sales and service culture.

This webinar helps you gain insight of how you can engage your staff and elevate results at the branch.

What You Will Learn

  • Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans
  • Develop and Elevate Your Sales & Service Culture
  • Dos and Don’ts of Cross Selling to the Customers
  • Employee Incentive and Motivation Strategies
  • The Key to Relationship Banking
  • Retaining and Expanding Existing Business
  • The Importance of Onboarding (The first 45 days of a new customer)
  • Branch Manager Sales Calls and Business Development Tips
  • Meeting Critical Targets for Your Branch – deposit growth, loan growth, increase households and more

Who Should Attend?

Those in your branches directly responsible for growth and delivery extraordinary service.