Branch Controls and Accountability

Responsibility for the vault, maintining teller cash limits, and exercising dual control are among the most important responsibilities in the branch. Auditors and examiners continuously cite financial institutions for lack of "dual control" or inadequate control procedures. Regardless of how many staff members there are, the branch responsibiiltiies must be adequately completed and a solid documentation trail is essential to protecting yourself and your fellow employees. No one wants to be the subect of an investigation for missing cash! Take time to join us to ensure your branch control processes are solid, understand the reasons for the control and obtain examples of various logs and procedures.

Program Highlights

Dual Control best practices and procedures for:

  • Vault entry logs
  • Vault Cash
  • Security Logs - bait money straps, security device logs, etc.
  • Teller Audits
  • ATM Audits Relating the "Fraud Triangle" to front line operations
  • Procedures - How to develop "Cheat Sheets" for branch operations

Who Should Attend?

This informative session is designed for Customer Service Representatives, Head Tellers, Assistant Head Tellers, Branch Managers and Internal Auditors.