Walking a Tight Rope: Loan Requests for Insiders

Creative and out-of-the-box thinking are characteristics that directors and executive officers often exhibit, but when it comes to lending, these traits can cause one to be on the HOT seat! Regulation O violations are not only serious matters but often come with consent orders. This session is designed to review the requirements of the regulation, best practices, and to discuss recent enforcement actions against board and senior management positions. It is imperative that there is a thorough understanding of the fine details of Regulation O.

Program Highlights

  • Identifying an insider
  • Processing extensions of credit to executive officers
  • Recognizing the requirements for prior approval
  • Calculating legal lending limits
  • Documenting Reg O requests in board minutes
  • Annual insider survey
  • Best practices for Reg O compliance
  • Restrictions on overdrafts

  • Reg O Loan Review Checklist
  • Conflicts of Interest Policy Review
  • Reg O Definitions

Who Should Attend?

This webinar provides information for lending, compliance and audit staff responsible for Regulation O compliance.