Increase Your Hard Numbers by Managing Your Soft Skills

How much of your Return on Investment is wasted on managing people, rather than managing accounts? Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI) skills are essential in the workplace, and research shows that it may actually be more important than IQ. This course provides the participants with an understanding of these skills and the steps to build their SEI.

Covered Topics

  • How our brain works and its ability to change
  • The definitions and concepts of Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • The 4 Quadrants and 26 Competencies of Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • The link between a culture of Social and Emotional Intelligence and Productivity
  • Methods and techniques to:
    • Strengthen stress management and resiliency
    • Build powerful communication and influencing skills
    • Manage conflict productively and constructively
    • Create positive teamwork and collaboration
    • Inspire creativity and catalyze change effectively
    • Build a culture of trust and cooperation

Who Should Attend?

Human Resource Staff, Managers, Supervisors, and any employee interested in personal development